The information presented in Bugs & Drugs® is solely for educational purposes. It is not our intention to supersede any institution's current policies or guidelines but only to provide general recommendations for appropriate antibiotic use and care of patients with infectious diseases.

Recommendations made in Bugs & Drugs®are based on our experience in infectious diseases, microbiology, and pharmacotherapy; an extensive review of the literature, and consultation with multiple specialists. We are extremely indebted to all of our colleagues for their valuable contributions.

Antimicrobial resistance has become a major threat to the successful treatment of many infectious diseases. This book represents an antimicrobial stewardship tool to limit thedevelopment of resistance through the judicious use of antibiotics.

Bugs & Drugs® is supported by Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health, the BC Ministry of Health, and the Do Bugs Need Drugs?® program. The Do Bugs Need Drugs?® program is another longstanding antimicrobial stewardship initiative that addresses antimicrobial resistance by promoting three key messages to the public and healthcare professionals:

  1. Handwashing is the most important way to stop the spread of infections.
  2. Bacteria and viruses are different and antibiotics do not work against viruses.
  3. Antibiotic resistance is a problem therefore antibiotics must be used wisely.

As before, Bugs & Drugs® is dedicated to our children. Future generations will be the beneficiaries of good antimicrobial stewardship.

Edith Blondel-Hill

Susan Fryters

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